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Recovery Through Values

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Meet Isaac

Entrepreneur, #chronicpainwarrior, husband, father and motivational speaker

As a motivational speaker, I share my journey and discuss how chronic pain forced me to change everything about my life — including my view on life as a whole. I share with audiences how I recognized that my chronic pain was an opportunity to help others realize that they are not alone and that there is a way to survive, and thrive, despite chronic pain. I help audience members realize their potential despite their chronic pain, and that chronic pain is not the end, but a new beginning.


Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaking

Recommended Listening

Engaging podcasts covering healing, recovery relationships and wellbeing. There’s lots to learn about and be inspired by. 


The Chronic Comeback

A look Into Isaac Kakone’s ongoing recovery from chronic pain.

In this episode, we have Isaac Kakone. In August 2019, Isaac got into a horrific motorcycle accident resulting in his left arm “exploding,” tearing all the nerves connecting his left arm from the brain, leaving him with neuropathic pain and a dead limb. 

I Am Not My Pain with Melissa Adams

Meet warrior, Isaac Kakone. After a motorcycle accident left him with severe chronic pain and a dead left arm, Isaac’s experience thrust him into a very dark place and into addiction as a way to cope. Tune in as Isaac shares how he faced his pain and addiction and learned to find a new beginning as a father, husband, motivational speaker and overall human being.

Black Country Blokes Podcast 

We sit down with Isaac Kakone, a motivational speaker and advocate for those living with chronic pain. Isaac's journey is one of incredible resilience and transformation. He opens up about how chronic pain forced him to make profound changes in his life, reshaping his perspective and ultimately leading him to help others facing similar challenges. 

Elona Lopari "The Life School" Show

The Life School helps people align their inner purposeful success personally & professionally.

Listen to this amazing conversation with Chronic Pain warrior Isaack Kakone, as he opens up about his journey of resilience, addiction, recovery and so much more. Learn how Isaac regained control of his life through identfying his personal values.

 Migdal Ohr UK - Jubilee Dinner 2023

“I came from a broken home…I have found purpose through my hardships and these values were instilled in me by this incredible organisation called Migdal Ohr. Without them there probably wouldn’t be a me” - Isaac Kakone, an alumnus spoke about his challenging background and the difficulties he faced growing up in this powerful speech. 

Sit Down With Sid Podcast

As a motivational speaker, Isaac Kakone shares his journey and discusses, how chronic pain forced him to change everything about his life — including his view on life as a whole. He shares with his audience, how he recognized that his chronic pain was an opportunity to help others realize, that they are not alone and there is a way to survive, and thrive, despite chronic pain

A unique conversation in chronic pain, recovery and mental health 

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"Isaac's journey is one of incredible resilience and transformation. He shares valuable insights on how to navigate difficulties, find strength within oneself, and embark on a new beginning."

Black County Blokes

"I had the pleasure of talking to Issac on our podcast. The conversation was frank, emotional and inspiring. I'd recommend both him and his story to anyone."

David Ogilvie, Resilience Development Co

"Isaac talks openly about his own personal experiences to help guide and support others. He is upbeat and positive and I personally found our conversation very inspiring."

Matt Holman, Mental Health Podcast

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