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Pain isn't just Physical

If you’ve ever had a stomach ache or a mild headache, you know that when you don’t feel your best, it can be all-consuming.

This is amplified when you have severe or widespread chronic pain, making focusing on work, family, and your other responsibilities a real challenge.

It's now realised that chronic pain is far from just aching bones and sore muscles.

It's biological, psychological and emotional as well.

Anyone who suffers from chronic pain can identify how feeling perpetual pain can result in feelings of hopelessness, anger, sadness and anxiety.

It’s a whole-body condition that takes a toll on your emotions and moods.

When your body is in pain, it responds by releasing certain stress hormones and neurochemicals.

This abnormal chemical reaction makes mood and behavior regulation much more difficult.

For me, finding the correct support and making specific holistic life changes, have helped me rebuild myself and contributed to easing my everyday symptoms.

Do you incorporate structure, activities or socialization to improve your well-being and happiness? I would love to hear from you!


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